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v1.1.8 is out! Tagging and link sharing now available directly on highlights

New version of NotesAlong is out and with it, an exciting set of features. But first, please ensure you have the latest version by visiting the NotesAlong extension page:

(Sometimes Chrome extensions take a few days to update)

New Features:

Improved tagging

You can now tag your highlights with tags, and reactions directly on webpages:

(Text tags)

(Reaction tagging)

Improved sharing experience

Sharing is now more effective, faster. We also fixed a few critical sharing related bugs to improve the experience.

(Generate link directly on highlights)

Improved Hub experience

The Highlighting list in the NotesAlong hub has been improved to better showcase highlights. Furthermore, filtering by reaction is now available.

New extension switch mechanism

In order to improve the user experience, NotesAlong will no longer be loaded automatically on every page load. Instead, the extension will be loaded only when you click the extension icon or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts

We have introduced two new keyboard shortcuts:

  • Load highlights. This shortcut will load all existing highlights on the page.

  • Create highlight. After highlighting text, this shortcut will create a highlight.

  • To manage your keyboard shortcut, visit chrome://extensions/shortcuts and find the NotesAlong extension

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